Learn Treatment For Too Much Testosterone In Women

It is important to remember that the testosterone level of women is 15 to 70 ng/dl and should remain under this range. You can do blood tests to find out your testosterone level and need to take precautions if the level is low or high. In this article, you will learn about too much testosterone in women treatment.

Things to do to regulate the level

If you have low testosterone you can face weight gain and heart diseases, while a higher testosterone level can cause changes in the body and affect health, so you need to take these steps.

  • Medications are the easiest way to regulate the testosterone level, and you should go to the doctor, they will tell you about the meds to regulate your period and improve fertility.
  • You should keep the blood sugar level in control as the insulin increase causes testosterone imbalance. It is important to eat healthily, so you can balance your sugar level and reduce testosterone in the body.
  • If you drink green tea regularly, the amount of globulin will increase, and this protein binds the excess testosterone in the body and regulates the overall amount.
  • You should eat herbs like white peony, nettles, licorice, and spearmint tea as it is effective in the treatment of high testosterone level. You can always take the doctor’s advice and eat only a specific amount for better results.

Follow these steps, and your testosterone level will be back to normal in no time, and you will be healthy again.

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