Careers begin with Marketing and Sales , Public Relations (M. A.)

Media Sales and Marketing Program

The Media Sales and Marketing Program teaches both traditional and contemporary skills in digital marketing, terrestrial advertising, and new media branding. TheseĀ Media Sales and Marketing Program assists new, intermediate, and experienced broadcast media professionals in becoming more competitive in a changing media landscape.

Students are instructed in commercial writing and business communications skills, client relationship approaches, and sales presentations. The program also provides advanced education in contemporary advertising and marketing fields, such as social media marketing, mobile device advertising, and internet-based analytics to demonstrate marketing campaign results and outcomes.

When it comes to the most in-demand jobs in the market right now, media sales and marketing professionals have an abundance of options. Every company, regardless of industry, requires a marketing and advertising team to get its products and services out into the world.

It teaches CTE (Career and Technical Education) students how to gather data to determine the potential sales of a product or service and/or create a marketing campaign to market or distribute goods and services.

The course prepares young executives to work at the intersection of marketing and sales. Graduates should be able to take on specialist and management positions in these fields. We no longer differentiate between traditional and digital marketing, but rather prepare our students for marketing in the digital age.

The Marketing/Sales/Media program is a master’s degree program that builds on a bachelor’s degree by providing a more in-depth exploration of marketing and sales as well as aspects of communication and media management. Students gain strategic and operational knowledge of these customer-related areas of entrepreneurial value creation while being taught on a solid scientific foundation with a clear practical orientation. The lectures and seminars are primarily held in German, with a few specific modules taught in English.

Candidates must have a Class 12 diploma from a recognized board in any subject. Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate or equivalent CGPA in Class 12. (may vary from college to college). Candidates from reserved categories typically receive a 5% discount at most universities or colleges.

Professionals must be well-versed in their industry and be able to understand and apply sales data in their pitches. Excellent negotiating skills are also required, as the intangible nature of advertising space and time allows for a flexible selling price.

Is there an age requirement for the media course and marketing program?

Learning has no age restrictions. The Digital Marketing course will help you advance in your career. If you are looking for a job or want to advance in your current position, you should definitely pursue it.

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