Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies in Malaysia: Types of Techniques

Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies in Malaysia: Types of Techniques

Metal fabrication is one of the major sections of the engineering industry. In almost all manufacturing plans, this process is used. Today, the sheet metal fabrication process is used in cars, kitchens, sinks, furniture, and whatnot. You must be wondering what sheet metal fabrication is. Here’s the answer to it. Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process through which the flat and thin pieces of metal are turned into different shapes. This process involves several cutting, stamping, punching, and bending techniques. Types of equipment used are chop saws, cutting torches, welding equipment, etc. Further in this article, you will read the types of techniques used by¬†sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia.

Kinds of sheet metal fabrications

Sheet metal fabrications are divided into three categories:

  1. Cutting- Cutting is also divided into two parts: shear cutting and without sheer cutting. The difference is that cutting with shear involves industrial products, and cutting without shear involves non-industrial products. Sheer cutting involves processes such as cutting and blanking.
  • Cutting: Removing a specific portion of the metal with an epee.
  • With shear cutting: Next level of cutting is shearing. A piece of metal is removed from a metal sheet.
  • Blanking: In this process, a workpiece is removed from a metal strip when it is punched.
  • Without sheer cutting: If you need accurate dimensions. It is generally used for specific products, like computer parts, airplane parts, etc.
  • Laser cutting: It is used for detailed cutting.
  • Plasma cutting: It involves using gases that are compressed to generate a beam.
  • Cutting with Water jet: It is used for high speed.
  • Machining: It includes spinning and milling in which an epee (used for lathing) is used to remove metal.

sheet metal fabrication companies in malaysia

  1. Forming: It is used for manufacturing. The material goes through plastic deformation to achieve several sizes and shapes in this process. None of the metal is removed in this process but deformed or displaced for a change. The following are the techniques:
  • Bending
  • Stretching
  • Roll forming
  • Stamping
  1. Joining: In this process, two metals are joint using the following techniques:
  • Welding
  • Brazing
  • Riveting
  • Adhesive

Concluding words

Sheet metal fabrication has immense importance in the engineering world. You need the right machinery and technique to get the desired result. In this article, you have read about sheet metal fabrication and the types of sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia and techniques used.

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