Get The Best Confinement Meals Delivery Sg.

Confinement Meals

Struggling to find a good halal delivery for confinement food for mothers in Singapore, then don’t you worry since you have finally landed in the right place? The struggle is over since now you can finally order the best confinement food and also fresh for all mothers living in Singapore. And to do all of that, there’s a whole team involved in it. Who makes sure that the mothers get only the best food delivered right to their doorstep? And that is not all you can choose from a wide variety of confinement meals delivery sg.

The menu contains many fusions that you can try ranging from western to all kinds of Malay cuisines. And ordering is easy and fuss-free with them too since you have to Whatsapp them on the number provided on their website, place your order, enter the address and sit back and relax while the order reaches your home.

confinement meals delivery sg

Why choose them?

  • Except on the first and second days of Aidiladha and Aidilfitri, they deliver fresh meals each day. Including all the public holidays.
  • And for lunch and dinner, you get different meals each of the time.
  • While most of the confinement meals delivery sg delivers during lunchtime only, these guys make sure that each meal reaches you hot, and thus they deliver each of your meals separately.
  • For lunch the timings are between 10 am to 1 pm and while for dinner, the timings change to 3 pm to 7 pm.
  • Anything specific you want to be added to your dinner, and then you need to specify it previously.

Also, they deliver everywhere around the island except for hospitals and places where delivery isn’t allowed or restricted for that matter.

Furthermore, all these meals are prepared in a very hygiene manner. So, you do not have to worry about your food not being made of good quality or the packaging being poor. They take care of every small detail very carefully and then curate your box of food carefully.

They understand your concern about being a new mother and all the stuff a mother deals with in postnatal. So to lessen your burden a bit, they have cooks who are young mothers themselves who cook for you with all their love and care. And serve you the best confinement meals to help you ease the process of postnatal while having healthy and tasty food.

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