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Spiritual hip hop is in trending nowadays. Many people use art to express their spirituality and faith. Hip hop and graffiti are examples of this. A cultural movement began in the early 1970s among young people in underserved areas of New York, mainly known as hip hop. Hip hop’s core elements are breakdancing, loud djing, graffiti, and rapping. Hip hop is now a global youth culture found in various forms worldwide.

Floowood is the best track of the song that gives you the modern touch of alchemy hip hop. It also includes the different paint arts. It contains a unique style of music. You will also use its marches, which are available in unique drawing styles, such as Wadjet, which is identified as the Egyptian Eye of Horus.

What is the ultimate aim of Floodwood?

It is the form of stories of people’s recoveries from harsh struggles in the light. It believes in the healing process with music. The songs help people to get out of depression and anxiety. It helps them to live positively like the light. It helps to influence the youngsters. Floowood has given outstanding performances to the best underground rap artists.

Spirit of Spiritual hip hop:

The perceptual, innovative, and sentimental expression of African-American youth in the United States seeking to get positive success and peace in a world marked by economic hardship, racial prejudice, and town deterioration.

Besides the different cultures, it lacks an individual massage that tends out its tenets. Ensure that the Holy Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or Koran are not religions. Instead, hip hop likes to be compared to fundamental modern philosophical movements such as existential philosophy, which advocates for self-determination of beliefs and behaviors. To express the inner darkness is the best music you have ever heard.

Floodwood presents hip hop based on the idea of an open society with no set ethical or educational codes. But, on the other hand, Hip Hop has a bunch of core beliefs.


Our marches consist of t-shirts with spiritual hip-hop prints on them, for those who are huge fans of spiritual music and like the modern touch in it. Then these marches are exclusively best for you.

You will get these t-shirts in different colors and types, so don’t worry, it’s time to make yourself confident with great spiritual music that allows you to express yourself with the art and great music. To know more, visit- https://floowood.com/.

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