Best Foldable Baby Cots Available In Singapore

Best Foldable Baby Cots Available In Singapore


A cot is an infant baby’s bed, specially built for them, keeping their safety from falling off the bed with pretty high railings for your child to reach comfortable enough to stand on their feet but not climb over it. The cot comes along with a soft, cozy bed which is better to be of washable type. In British English, an infant’s bed is called a cot; in the American language, it is called a crib. Baby cots are usually made up of termite-free wood as they are allergens-free, environment-friendly, and strong. In this article, we will be discussing the best of the foldable baby cot singapore.

How to choose a quality foldable cot for your baby-

foldable baby cot singapore

  • Choose a standard-size crib- a full-size crib that is big enough for your child to move comfortably without getting hit on their body parts. This size crib can be used until your baby is 2 to 3 years old.
  • Choose a crib with multiple mattress settings- a crib must have multiple mattress setting options so you can change the height of the mattress as your baby grows up and starts to stand up in support of the railings at the side of the crib but should not be able to climb over it.
  • Wheels- check out cribs fitted with wheels, as this helps you move your baby from one room to another. The wheels should also have blockers so that they remain firm on the ground while you are not moving and keep it grounded to save the baby from falling while jumping or tossing and turning.

The best of them are-

  • Ingenuity dream and grow newborn infant baby sleeping bed basket– foldable, with storage areas at the sides, the material is of cloth and soft mesh. Adjustable by moving up and down the crib to your eyes view by just opening or closing the clip at the crib’s sides. Have wheels, so moving from one room to another is easy. The cot also has an overhead mesh cover to protect your child from mosquitoes or flies. Costs S$ 239.97
  • Hatchery cribs Maki full-size portable 2-in-1 folding crib- a standard-sized crib with a foldable frame that can also be removed. The wheels are equipped with a lock system making it easy to store and move the cot from one room to another. Lead and sulfate-free materials were made of pine wood and equipped with four adjustable mattress levels.


To conclude, the cribs are meant to comfort your infant, so choose carefully.

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