What Is Synthetic Urine And Where Is It Used?

synthetic urine

Cannabis is still a very taboo subject in many parts of the world and also it is being legalized in so many places it is still considered to be something demonic or a plant from which a person would get destroyed. Although people celebrate with alcohol which is 90% more harmful than cannabis and then they vilify cannabis. This is so prejudiced with respect to cannabis and alcohol although cannabis is one of the most peaceful drugs you can ever encounter.

To even consider cannabis among other heavy drugs such as cocaine or heroin is a crime against humanity. In this article, you would understand how synthetic urine would help you continue your habit and work at your dream job.

Now when we talk about cannabis consumption we should understand the fact that cannabis is one of those substances that retain in your body even after several days. This is because of the fact that there are actual cannabis receptors in your brain, and in your body that holds the chemicals from the cannabis plant so that you would experience what is called the high.

These receptors are called cannabinoid receptors. They retain all the cannabis and related compounds inside your body and then it is slowly excreted with the help of your kidneys.

synthetic urine

What about medical tests on the job?

Now just because you smoked a few joints doesn’t mean that you should not get your dream job or you should be thrown away somewhere. Having a few gummy bears does not mean that you should regret that decision for your entire life just because you wanted to feel some peace. But due to the stigma around cannabis, there are many jobs and institutions where you would apply for a position that requires you to undergo a medical test that would test the presence of drugs in your body.

What are the things that they test in the medical tests for drugs?

There are several things that you need to be aware of before you take the medical test to detect the presence of drugs in your body. These things are mainly ways by which the doctor or the RN who is present at the time of the medical examination would take your bodily fluids and then check the amount or the type of drugs present in your body.

Almost 80% of these doctors and registered nurses want your urine as a sample for the drug test. Because you use cannabis would make your urine come out as positive to the drug test. This is why so many people fear drug tests because they would uncover deep secrets which everybody wants to hide. Now you might be thinking that it would be possible for you to take someone else’s urine and then give the same to the doctor, however, this is a very bad choice. Not only is it disgusting but also very cheap behaviour. You can buy synthetic urine online and you would be surprised at how similar it is, and it won’t give a positive in the drug test.

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