Useful Guides for Loading Ramps Safely

When you or a loved one use a wheelchair, you must have a wheelchair ramp. However, this might be an additional cost to your budget, so why not buy a used wheelchair ramp? This will definitely reduce your expenses and it will be very beneficial for you or the wheelchair user in your family.

Whether you are buying new or used, a portable loading ramp can be a useful tool for keeping goods moving in and out of your warehouse doors. Follow these 8 tips for using a rampe handicapé safely:

Low angle

The smaller the angle, the easier and safer it to move the forklift up and down the ramp. Many of the ramps have a maximum usable height. Ensure you and your staff are familiar with this range and always keep the slope below this height.

Chains and Clamps

 Ramp clamps and safety chains can and should be used to secure the ramp to the trailer or other curb area. These safety features usually come with a new and used standard forklift ramp. Be sure to adjust safety chains and ramp clips as necessary to secure the load.

Take it easy

 When maneuvering up and down the slope, a slow, steady approach is always best. Try not to move the forklift or maneuver too quickly, endangering the safety of the operator.

Know the numbers

 always know the maximum capacity of your rampe handicapé weight. When purchasing a used vehicle, be sure to ask the dealer or previous owner about the weight capacity of the used loading ramp you are considering.

Forklift knowledge and experience

 the ability to safely operate a standard forklift truck is a key component of the safe use of a forklift ramp. Make sure the person who will work on the slope is certified to operate the forklift. General knowledge and experience in forklifts will also help the operator efficiently move the load in and out of the warehouse, keeping the operation on the right track.

Provide training

 Knowledge is key when it comes to a new and used download platform. Developing and implementing a robust training program will give your employees the confidence to operate the ramp properly.


 Deliberate ramp inspections regularly will extend the life of your ramp and keep your product safe. Be sure to check for signs of rust, broken clamps, or chains and remove all debris from the cargo bed. Ideally, all personnel using the ramp will be instructed on how and when to inspect its components before use visually. Inspections are also important when purchasing a used loading ramp. Be sure to inspect the unit for wear, as well as its overall construction.


 Keep signs close to slope for correct use, safe forklift operator practices, full weight capacity, and maximum load limits. This sign should be easy to read, and the employees created can report it.

Follow these loading ramp safety guidelines closely and often to keep the process running efficiently in your warehouse. Train your staff in the knowledge of proper procedures and field practice to ensure they can safely and comfortably use all the ramps you use. As always, a common-sense approach to slope loading will provide a safe and healthy environment.

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