Tips In Choosing The Venue For A Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

In recent years, Bat Mitzvah has become one of the most-celebrated moments between Jewish family and friends. And if you are one of those parents who are planning for their child’s coming of age, the first thing that you need in your plan is the bat mitzvah venues. It is such an important milestone for Jewish parents and this event calls for a huge celebration.

Plan The Date

The first thing to plan is the date of the celebration. This may be assigned up to three years in advance, usually depending on the size of the congregation. Most of the time, the date of the event is scheduled closest to your childs’ 13th birthday.

Choose Party Venue in Advance

Bat Mitzvah parties usually involve a large gathering of family and friends. And before you pick a location, decide whether you want the party to be held in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If you want to host the party in the latter part of the day, make sure that you book the venue in advance.

Pick a Theme

Even though it is not necessarily a must to have a theme for this kind of party, sometimes this makes it more fun not only for you but for the guests as well. This is where you should seek your child’s interests. Your theme could be about sports, movies, dance, an ‘All About Me,” and so on.

Food and Beverage Choices

If you are planning to host a cocktail party for your child’s celebration, do this before the main meal. You should also decide whether to have a separate menu for the kids. Parents should also think of whether to offer a full open bar during the reception.

Have the Best Entertainment

Usually, the venue that you have chosen also offers some entertainment options for you to consider. This will of course depend on your budget and preference. When making a choice, always go for a good balance of entertainment. It should not be too extra for the adult guests, not too boring for the kids.

Take Care of Your Guests

It is important that you think about the welfare of your guests. If you have out-of-town visitors, then you must arrange their hotel rooms and transportation. An extra event like a nice dinner before the actual day of celebration will also be a welcoming gesture from the host.

When planning for a bat mitzvah party, parents should bear in mind to take into consideration the personality of their child. They should also think about the level of attention that they are comfortable with. They are the ones who are celebrated here and the milestone that they’ve reached in their lives. So they should be able to enjoy it.

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