Know and Understand more about the Shincheonji

Everybody has their beliefs about the world and life they experience. Belief is an acceptance that something exists or a statement is true. It is a state of the mind when people consider something true. Even if they aren’t 100% sure about it. Supportive mutual beliefs may form a belief system. Which may be ideological, religious, or philosophical.

Religious beliefs have been a firm and wide-reaching force in human culture. Rather than observing religion as a non-functional by-product of some processes. Terror management theory views religion as a contribution of a particular power. Means of addressing the problem of human’s physical limitations.

Religious practices and beliefs for thousands of years. Have served to maintain well-being, mental health. And encourage interpersonal relationships among humans. A lot of religions have traditions, narratives, symbols, and sacred histories. That is considered to provide meaning to life. Or to describe the origin of life or the universe. They tend to acquire ethics, morality, religious laws, or a wanted lifestyle. From their ideas about human nature and the cosmos. The exercise of a religion may also comprise commemoration of the activities of a god or gods.  Sermons, sacrifices, initiations, festivals, matrimonial services, meditation, or other aspects of human culture. Belief systems and other religions in the environment. Influence on people’s identity. Whether you consider yourself spiritual, religious or not. Shincheonji is one of the offshoot Christian new religious movements.

What is Shincheonji?

 Shincheonji’s complete name is Shincheonji Church of Jesus. The Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony. It is the temple guaranteed in the Bible and put up according to the structure of heaven. That is recorded in God’s word. All over the world, Shincheonji has congregants and captives in community service. Work to be the brightness of the world.  Shincheonji teaching declares that their founder Lee. That he was the promised pastor in the New Testament. And written in hidden metaphors (parables) is the Book of Revelation. Which progressed the first countercult movement in post-war Korea.

Shincheonji practices that it is true faith. With its members accepting salvation at the time of final judgment. According to them, everyone who is not in the group will be destroyed and refused forgiveness.

The Shincheonji religious movement:

 The Shincheonji movement began in 1984. They have more than 150,000 registered members. It has broadened its influence in all directions, even extending South Africa. As per the belief of Shincheonji, the spirit of Jesus Christ descends into Man Hee Lee. Which the followers of Lee believe that he is the promised pastor and that he is immortal. That the New Testament predicts. Lee has various ways to approach the scripture. Lee maintains that the Bible is made up of secrets and parables.

According to Lee’s teaching, it is impossible to be saved. Unless one knows the true meaning of hidden truth in the scripture. All the teachings of Lee may sound like fairy tales. Yet many Christians are wishing to reject the teachings of their church leaders. And join Shincheonji, which made them too big an organization to ignore in South Korea.

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