Impact of taking good food on your health:

Food is required by every individual for their survival on the earth. The food contains the materials that are required for functioning of our body. The food also provides the information to our body. If we eat good and healthy food, we all have the good metabolic process. Eating unhealthy food may lead you to the illness or any diseases. Eating more than the body requirement is also not good for your health. Eating more food than requirement may lead you to gain weight and may become obese. There is huge risk of getting attacked by many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure leading to health disorders, arthritis and so on.

The food which we eat decides our health and life expectancy. The packed and processed food which we are eating in recent days have huge number of calories and may lead you to gain more weight. Every human body requires some amount of energy for doing their daily activities and it is called as basal metabolic rate. Eating the food more than the basal metabolic rate would make you to gain weight. Eating the food less than the basal metabolic rate would make you to lose your weight. And the food we are eating within our daily requirement as per basal metabolic rate should have the healthy food. Eating unhealthy food within our basal metabolic rate may not able to provide you the micronutrients and macronutrients required for our body. The food we eat is verified by some companies like 먹튀토토. Eating the certified food make you to stay healthy.

What is the function of the food in our bodies?

  • The food we eat contain various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. These nutrients will make the cells in our body to perform the important functions required for our doing our daily activities and survival. The nutrients in the food are the nourishing substances and are most necessary for our growth. If the nutrition is absent in our food, the functioning of our body decreases and may lead to bad health.
  • When the nutrition we are taking doesn’t meet the nutrition required for functioning of the cell then the entire metabolic process of our body slows. And if the intake of your food doesn’t contain nutrients from long time, there is also chance to stop.
  • If your are aware of these requirements for your body, you start think about the good food, bad food, foods that are high in calories with low nutrition, etc. You need to study the nutrition of every food and take accordingly. If we eat highly nutritious food in less calories, there is chance of getting more nutrients required by our body.
  • The ready foods that are available in the market have more calories and less nutrients. Eating such food make you to exceed your daily requirement of calories without having good nutrition for your body.


Hope you understood about the importance of eating good and healthy food.

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