How YouTube can help you generate leads for free

YouTube is undoubtedly the best video platform out there. It is easy, free and the access is great. But what makes it great for real estate marketers is that 51% of home buyers use the platform to search for the market as per the research.

There are so many testimonials from businesses on how the platform helps them like the one shared in keeping it real, one of the top real estate podcasts in the field.

How does it help?

It is easy and accessible any time to anyone to check for different properties. It also helps you create your curve of influence and networks which can help you with referrals and bring in leads just by sharing your content.

It is free for creating content. So many marketers have put their energy and efforts into video creation and have been growing their business at less cost.

Why YouTube?? 

This is an important question to be discussed. People are choosing YouTube over other platforms because,

Compared to all other platforms, Youtube has the highest-paid advertising conversion rate which is 14%.

People who use Youtube for video marketing receive twice as many views compared to Facebook.

It is owned by Google and is # second search engine in the world. So many YouTubers have shared it in many top real estate podcasts

How to use it to your advantage?

  • Keep your channel page neat and easily accessible.
  • Include all required information about the company and place the links right.
  • Have a proper content strategy in place, schedule your listings and other commitments and plan your videos accordingly.
  • Ensure your content is genuine and catchy. Put a nice title for your videos and choose an appropriate thumbnail that attracts attention.

Make use of YouTube the right way and start growing your business.

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