Implant Dentistry Goes Beyond Being An Exact Science

You see, unlike preparing the patient for the fitting of (straightforward) dentures, a whole lot more needs to be taken into account in regard to the recommended alternative of implant dentistry. Not only do physiological matters need to be taken into account, but emotional issues as well. The ethical dentist or orthodontist may still need to determine whether his or her patient is really well and truly ready for implant dentistry aurora work.

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Because you see, unlike the fitting of dentures, the fitting of implants does not occur overnight. It is a process that could run for almost an entire year, all depending on the type of work prescribed and the volume thereof. The dentist also needs to prepare the patient for disappointment. Because after a thorough examination has been completed, the diagnosis may reveal that the patient is wholly ineligible for the fitting of implants.

This does not necessarily entail that the client is at fault. Nature and evolution will always have its say but it is not necessarily bad. Today’s dentures are not nearly as awkward and uncomfortable as they once were. But they, of course, can never be as perfect as implant dentistry. Implant dentistry is never a one size fits all process. Every single patient’s case file will have its unique features. It remains fortunate just how far implant dentistry can go to accommodate the patients’ unique physiological and even emotional circumstances.

The level of severity also needs to be taken into account. The fitting of dental implants requires taking important decisions. Because once the decision has been taken to go with the prescribed implants, it may not be possible to reverse it later on. Not that it would matter because dental implants have been designed to last a lifetime.